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Treatment at Jackson House

If you are struggling with alcoholism and/or drug abuse and are ready to live a life free of addiction, we are here to help you on your road to recovery. Jackson House Addiction Treatment & Recovery Center is licensed by the Department of Health Care Services and fully accredited by CARF as a drug and alcohol treatment center.

We specialize in substance use disorders and can help you find sobriety.

Our program places a strong emphasis on community. However, every treatment plan is customized to meet our client’s unique needs. Our approach to treatment focuses on several core components:

  • Detoxification
  • Addiction Psychiatry
  • Daily Group Therapy
  • Evidenced-based Therapy
  • Recovery Meetings
  • Individual and Family Therapy

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction

We are here to help

Treatment Focus Areas

Jackson House Addiction Treatment & Recovery Center is designed to help men and women who are struggling with substance use disorders. All of our treatment areas focus on identifying and treating the underlying causes of addiction and giving you the necessary tools for long-term sobriety.

Health & Wellness

Addiction affects both the mind and body. On your recovery journey, you may confront feelings of anxiety and stress as we work together to strengthen your mental fortitude against addiction to harmful substances. Fortunately, physical activity is a great way to alleviate these negative feelings. Physical exercise in recovery has been shown to promote better sleeping habits, improve mood, increase energy, and support a stronger immune system.

JHRC is pleased to provide fitness classes twice a week to our residents to promote both mental and physical recovery. Classes begin July 27th and will be provided every Tuesday and Thursday. Both classes are designed for individuals of all fitness levels to boost endorphins, reduce stress, and create feelings of success and accomplishment. Refer to our schedule below for more information.

Tuesdays: “Gentle Strength and Stability,” 3 p.m. Led by expert trainer and group fitness instructor Heather Craig, this 45-minute low impact, high energy class requires no equipment. Connect your brain to your body and have fun building strength, balance and reducing stress.

Thursdays: “Strength and Stretch,” 3 p.m. Pamela Sery is a trauma-informed, experienced yoga instructor who has a strong background in balance/fall prevention and non-impact cardio. Together you will create a positive connection between the body, mind, and breath in this 45-minute class. Each class will include a 10-minute standing warm up, 20 minutes of standing strength, and 15 minutes of floor-based mat work and stretches, all using gravity/bodyweight and yoga mats.


While sometimes you know you have a problem, there are other instances where maybe you are still struggling to admit you have an addiction. We hope the following assessments provide you with some additional insight on whether or not it is time to reach out for help.

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