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At Jackson House, we want all our clients to be successful once their treatment is complete, which is why we develop and maintain long-term relationships with our clients. Our support does not end when our clients’ programs are over. For the first 60-days following treatment, our team stays in touch with our clients and provides regular check ins to help them adjust to the routines of being home and navigate any unexpected challenges.

Before our clients leave Jackson House, we make sure they have a safe place to live, detailed plan in place to manage stressful situations and a dependable support system they can lean on. It doesn’t matter how long ago you left treatment, our team will always be here for you.


Jackson House keeps clients connected through its active alumni community. We host weekly group meetings, social events throughout the year and regular opportunities to volunteer in the community. Our alumni coordinator, Melissa, makes sure everyone feels they have a place to plugin for support throughout their recovery.

Jackson House’s Alumni Group believes in the power of giving back and being of service to others. Throughout the years, we’ve found volunteering in the community helps our clients find a deep sense of purpose. It has become a crucial part of our client’s recovery process.

We have organized clothing drives for people experiencing homelessness, helped raise money for and assemble toiletry kits to those in needs and rolled up our sleeves for beach and river cleanup events.

Jackson House alumni have contributed hundreds of service hours to the community, helped raise thousands of dollars and helped neighbors when they needed a hand. Here is a look back at some of our past volunteer activities.

If you would like more information on our alumni group, please reach out to Melissa at (619) 936-3505 or

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