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Is it time to reach out for help?

Addiction is an illness. And just like any other disease, it rarely gets better on its own. Addiction needs to be treated. If you are struggling with an addiction, sometimes it is hard to recognize you need help. This is one of the trickiest parts of the disease. However, if you identify with any of the warning signs below, it may be time to change and seek treatment.

Your life feels out of control

Addiction can be a powerful force and make you feel powerless. It can make you neglect things that used to matter to you, like your family, job and friends. If you feel like all of your time and energy is focused on finding your next fix, it is likely time to reach out for help.

Addiction is causing you financial trouble

If you are spending all of your money on drugs and alcohol and ignoring bills, there is reason to be concerned. It is more alarming if you are stealing money from loved ones or your employer to pay for your addiction.

You are isolating yourself from loved ones

Addiction can take a heavy toll on your relationships. Drugs and alcohol can make it hard to connect with the people you love and cause you to push people away.

You constantly feel numb

At some point, using drugs and alcohol was probably fun. If you feel like you need to use drugs or alcohol to get through the day but your mood continually feels flat, it is concerning. Every day, you should feel a healthy range of emotions – including happiness and joy.

You are not alone

If you are currently struggling with a substance use disorder, we understand how scary it can feel to reach out for help. Fortunately, addiction is not an illness you have to battle alone. The entire team at Jackson House Addiction Treatment & Recovery Center is here and ready to help you with your recovery.

Why Seek Treatment At Jackson House

When you are ready to change and seek help, you will have lots of options for where to receive treatment. For lasting recovery and sobriety, it is important you find a treatment center where you feel comfortable, supported and have access to the tools and resources you need to make a lifelong change. We hope Jackson House Addiction Treatment & Recovery Center can be the place where you start your recovery and learn to live life to the fullest without the use of drugs or alcohol.

What sets Jackson House Addiction Treatment & Recovery Center apart is our focus on community. We know it is easier to overcome your addiction when you are surrounded by a network of people who believe in your future and see your unlimited potential. If you want the support of your peers and a community that will support you throughout your sobriety, we may be the perfect fit for you.

Food is another vital part of recovery. If you have been struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction, your body may be depleted of key nutrients. Our program places a strong emphasis on community and sharing meals together. Every day, our clients work together to prepare nutritious meals. Through this process, you will learn how to use food to support your sobriety, develop new life skills and, hopefully, create a lasting support system.

You can learn more about our treatment program on our About Us page.


While sometimes you know you have a problem, there are other instances where maybe you are still struggling to admit you have an addiction. We hope the following assessments provide you with some additional insight on whether or not it is time to reach out for help.

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