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Have questions? We have answers.

When you’re searching for a treatment program for you or a loved one, we recommend you learn as much as possible to ensure it will be the right fit. We hope this page answers your questions and provides you with all of the information you need. If you still have questions, please feel free to give our team a call.

The easiest way to find out if Jackson House is the right place to help you or someone you care about is to call us for a free confidential assessment at 888-255-9280. We help clients who are dealing with addiction. We establish a customized treatment plan to address your addiction to alcohol, opioids, cocaine, heroin, and meth as well as underlying mental health issues. We are a great fit for individuals who are ready to make a change in their life and desire to learn coping skills and healthier ways to live without drugs and alcohol.

Every moment you spend at Jackson House is designed to help you manage your addiction, to feel better and to arm you with the life skills you need to be successful on your own. The program at Jackson House is designed to address your therapeutic needs, assist you in developing community and encourage you to practice new ways of coping and living life without alcohol or drugs. Therefore, days at Jackson House are structured to include group therapy, individual therapy, recovery meetings, life skills development and peer support sessions to discuss past hurdles and develop new life skills. In addition, we believe it is important to provide time to socialize, exercise, develop new hobbies and to reflect on your journey toward a healthier you.

We work with most private health insurance plans to keep your out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. Depending on your specific insurance plan, you may be required to pay a copay or other fees. For a cost estimate, please reach out to your insurance company directly and ask them what you will be responsible to pay. Our team is also happy to help you verify your insurance.

Most private insurance companies cover substance abuse treatment services and will help pay for your stay at Jackson House.

However, you do not need health insurance to receive treatment from us. If you would rather pay us directly, we are happy to work with you. If you call our team, we can help you understand what your stay at Jackson House may cost.

Our team wants to help you feel better and learn to live without the need for drugs or alcohol, but we can’t do it without you. We expect all of our clients to fully participate in their treatment unless they are experiencing an illness or some extenuating circumstance. Everyone needs to attend daily group therapy sessions, complete assigned chores and help prepare meals. The more you participate in the program at Jackson House, the more you will reinforce the long-term continuation and practice of your new life skills, coping skills and healthy daily habits to help you maintain sobriety.

Everyone’s journey looks a little bit different and we work closely with every client to make sure our care is customized to fit their needs. 

During your stay at Jackson House, we want you to be comfortable and safe. Bring clothes you’ll be comfortable in, can exercise in, toiletries you use on a regular basis, any medications you take, cell phone (if you like), insurance card and ID. If you smoke, bring enough cigarettes to last you through your stay. You do not need to pack food or snacks, our program provides a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as healthy snacks throughout the day. We provide access to a computer. Authorization to bring a laptop, iPad, or e-reader must be approved prior to admission. These devices are authorized to be used for work, school, and/or primary mode of communication with family and/or friends. Authorized devices are stored in a locked cabinet during primary treatment hours 8:00am-4:00pm and are provided upon request after blackout hours.

Check out our Packing List

At Jackson House, we have six private rooms and 12 semi-private rooms.

We want you to stay connected to the community and we recognize you may have commitments during your stay with us. If you have an appointment, let our treatment team know. Your treatment team is happy to assist with outside appointments in collaboration with your treating provider.

Our ultimate goal is to help all of our clients learn to live without drugs or alcohol and give them the tools they need to lead successful, happy lives. We encourage all of our clients to stay for the entire duration of their treatment. However, Jackson House is a voluntary treatment program and if you no longer feel like we are the best place to help you address your needs, you can leave.

Of course! We want your friends and family to be involved in your treatment and always encourage them to come and visit. We encourage your loved ones to visit during set visitation hours every Saturday and Sunday. If you want your family to take a more active role in your recovery, we have counselors who can provide family therapy upon request.

We care about your overall well-being, so we encourage all of our clients to consider giving up smoking because it is harmful to your health and the people around you (we had to say it). However, we do allow smoking in designated areas at certain times throughout the day. If you are interested in quitting, we will provide you with cessation options and resources to help you stop. Please only bring unopened packages of cigarettes or e-juice/e-liquid cartridges to Jackson House for use during your stay.

Food and nutrition play such a large role in your recovery and we place a strong emphasis on it at Jackson House. If you’ve been struggling with addiction, your body may be depleted from key nutrients, so it is important we provide nutritious meals while also respecting your dietary needs so that your body can heal. We will work with a dietitian to ensure we meet your dietary needs. If you are on a special diet, just let a member of our nursing team know about your food restrictions when you check-in.

The entire team at Jackson House is committed to your long-term success and sobriety. We know your journey doesn’t end when you walk out our doors. This is why we will work closely with you during your treatment to develop an action plan to help you take care of yourself once you leave.

We also provide all of our clients continued support and aftercare for the first month after their treatment at Jackson House. During this 30-day period, we work with you to evaluate your progress, assist with any necessary follow-up appointments, identify potential red flags and help you surround yourself with a stable support system.

Remember, the community you build at Jackson House will be here to support you even after you leave. We are also proud to provide all ongoing support groups for all of our clients and connect you with resources to enhance your sobriety.

If you are wondering if you or a loved one should seek treatment to address a potential drug and/or alcohol use disorder then you are probably already aware that you or someone you know is using to a dangerous degree. Please know help is available and that there are many levels of care and different treatment options available to address drug and/or alcohol abuse or dependency. Early intervention is always recommended, but unfortunately with substance use, treatment is often sought when use begins to impact health, school, work and/or relationships.

The following are some key indicators that you or a loved one should seek treatment:

  • Use is occurring in larger amounts or more frequently
  • Difficulty stopping or cutting down on use
  • More time is spent preoccupied with obtaining, using, or recovering from use
  • Experiencing cravings and urges to use
  • Use is impacting performance or obligations at work, home, or school
  • Use continues despite it causing problems in relationships
  • Giving up important social, occupational or recreational activities to use
  • Continued and repeated use despite drugs or alcohol continuing to place you in dangerous situations such as driving intoxicated or blacking out
  • Use continues despite knowing it is impacting your health or psychological well-being
  • Experience a need to use more of the substance to achieve the desired effect, which is known as tolerance 
  • When use rapidly stops or decrease, you experience withdrawal symptoms

In addition to determining how many symptom criteria you or a loved one might be experiencing, other behavioral factors that suggest treatment is necessary include:

  • Lying about use to others
  • Stealing from others to pay for substances
  • Erratic behavior when under the influence of substances or when unable to use substances
  • Increase in aggressive and/or violent behavior when intoxicated or unable to use and/or any type of self-destructive behavior

No matter the reason you are seeking treatment, Jackson House aims to provide a safe place for anyone who is ready to learn to live without needing drugs or alcohol. If you or a loved one is in need of help, please reach out to us immediately. Our team can help you address your immediate needs, improve your overall quality of life, and help you on your journey to sobriety.

Talking to a loved one about their addiction can be difficult and seem intimidating. However, if someone you care about seems to be struggling, it is so important you talk to them as quickly as possible. Speak to them out of love and kindness and ask them how they’ve been feeling. If they seem open to talking, listen and let them know you want to support them in whatever way you can. If you can, ask them if they are open to receiving treatment and help guide them to the appropriate resources.

If you believe one of your clients would benefit from receiving substance use disorder treatment at Jackson House, simply give our team a call, 888-255-9280, or reach out to us through our website. We will work closely with you and your client up through the admission process. At that point, if your client wants you to stay informed about their progress at Jackson House, they will need to sign a release of information form. We understand the important role an established healthcare provider can play in a client's long-term health and sobriety. As long as we have our client’s permission, we will keep you up to date on how they are doing at Jackson House.

Yes. We work with individuals across the country who are struggling with addiction and need the help of a supportive, around-the-clock team. If you believe you or a loved one could benefit from our recovery program, please give us a call at 888-255-9280.

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