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Addiction Resources in San Diego

San Diego is famous for its stunning beaches, lively nightlife, and dynamic food scene. Beyond these appealing aspects of life in SoCal lies an abundance of addiction resources for anyone struggling with substance use. From treatment facilities and support groups, plenty of helpful rehabilitation and recovery options are available to those in need.

Rehab at Jackson House Addiction Recovery and Treatment Centers (JHRC)

JHRC provides hope in San Diego's communities, offering compassionate and comprehensive treatment programs that focus on helping individuals reclaim control over their lives. 

At Jackson House, addiction is treated not as a moral failing but as an illness that can be managed and overcome with the proper support. Our team of highly qualified medical professionals and therapists is committed to understanding every individual's journey and needs and providing tailored care that addresses each recovery journey uniquely.

Jackson House offers a holistic approach to addiction treatment. We recognize that addiction affects a person’s mind, body, and spirit. Our treatment includes yoga, art therapy, and mindfulness techniques in conjunction with traditional methods.


Additional treatment options available at Jackson House include residential inpatient programs, outpatient treatment programs, partial hospitalization programs, and aftercare plans to ensure each person receives personalized care tailored to their needs.

Our inpatient program offers round-the-clock professional support and care within a structured environment, helping those suffering from addiction to focus solely on their recovery. Outpatient treatment allows individuals with work or family commitments to receive help for addiction recovery as well.

Our programs offer various services, including medically assisted detox, group therapy, and aftercare plans. Our aftercare services ensure clients receive continued support after leaving the facility. 

Jackson House is known for its welcoming, incredibly supportive atmosphere. Our team will provide you with the tools and care you need for long-term recovery in SoCal.

Although Jackson House is located in San Diego and primarily serves local residents, our programs attract clients from across the nation seeking effective and empathetic addiction treatment.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Groups

Community support is an integral component of addiction recovery, and Al-Anon and Nar-Anon groups in San Diego offer such help to family members and friends of individuals battling addiction. 

These safe spaces offer individuals impacted by someone else's substance use the opportunity to share experiences, receive support, and build strength through community.

Navigating the turmoil caused by addiction can be emotionally exhausting. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon groups provide invaluable relief to those who need to express their feelings, process difficult events, and learn from others going through similar experiences.

Through the sharing of stories, Al-Anon and Nar-Anon groups provide invaluable insights, emotional support, and practical strategies for dealing with the effects of addiction within families and relationships.

San Diego is dedicated to offering comprehensive addiction resources–not just for those battling addiction themselves but also for their loved ones.

Meditation at the Self-Realization Fellowship Encinitas Temple

For an innovative solution to addiction, San Diego offers peaceful views from its scenic coast at the Self-Realization Fellowship Encinitas Temple. This temple in SoCal provides individuals with a tranquil retreat from daily stressors.

Established by Paramahansa Yogananda, this sanctuary offers meditation classes to aid addiction recovery. Meditation not only reduces stress and anxiety associated with recovery but also builds inner strength to combat drug cravings.

Teachers at the temple encourage mindfulness that extends beyond meditation sessions, instead urging individuals to maintain a state of mindfulness during everyday activities. This practice plays an essential role in managing triggers that threaten recovery.

Encinitas Temple offers more than just meditation. It is a space for community. Individuals undergoing treatment can find comfort in its supportive atmosphere, where they can openly share experiences, successes, and challenges without fear of judgment from peers or staff members.

San Diego stands out as an epicenter for holistic recovery through its abundance of addiction resources, offering not only physical but also spiritual routes to sobriety. At the Encinitas Temple, individuals can discover a spiritual path to recovery that fosters inner peace and mindfulness. This makes it an effective complement to traditional addiction treatment methods. 

It is worth noting the unique blend of Eastern and Western philosophies at the core of Self-Realization Fellowship Encinitas Temple. Its meditation practices draw heavily on ancient Yogic traditions while providing a practical understanding of modern psychology and addiction science. This synergistic approach tailors spiritual growth according to individual needs, making it an effective resource for those coping with addiction.

If You're Struggling with Addiction, You're Not Alone

Amid substance use's overwhelming reality, it's essential to keep in mind that you aren't fighting this battle alone.

There are many roads to recovery and healing. JHRC offers comprehensive rehabilitation, Al-Anon and Nar-Anon groups provide community support, and the Self-Realization Fellowship Encinitas Temple provides a spiritual refuge.

These institutions and groups prioritize empathy, support, and holistic healing in their approach to recovery, providing you with all the resources you need to thrive. If you’ve been struggling with recovery, perhaps your wellness lies in San Diego.

Contact JHRC

Start the journey toward recovery today. Reach out to JHRC to speak to a compassionate member of our team today. Our experienced professionals are standing by to offer individualized plans to help you overcome your addictions. Take action now and build a better tomorrow for yourself and those around you.

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