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Recognizing Alcohol Addiction Within Yourself

Alcohol addiction is common, but it’s not something that’s always recognized. Often enough, it’s disguised as just being sociable, or the gravity of the problem is downplayed altogether.

It’s important that you’re recognizing the signs yourself, especially if you enjoy drinking. While you might not think your alcohol use is a problem, once you’re made aware of the common signs to look out for, it might become clear pretty quickly whether or not you have an issue.

So, what signs should you be looking out for when it comes to alcohol addiction? Here are some telltale signs that could signal an addiction to alcohol.

Signs You Might Be An Alcoholic

There are a few clues that are typical of someone who has an alcohol problem. Here are some of those signs that can indicate that you could be dealing with alcohol addiction right now.

You’re Never Sober

How often can you say that you’re sober? If you’re struggling to find the answer, then that’s already the answer you need. Alcohol addicts are often relying on alcohol every day. For some, it’s like drinking coffee in the morning and hydrating with water throughout the day.

If you’re never sober, then that means you’re likely dealing with an alcohol addiction. At this point, it’s gotten to a place where you’re drunk more than you are sober, which is highly worrying. If you’re also doing this while trying to maintain a job and daily life in general, you could be in real trouble.

A reliance on alcohol is something that’s hard to kick, which is why many people end up on a slippery slope as a result. If you’re someone who needs alcohol to get through the day, then it’s imperative to consider getting help.

You Need a Drink to Fall Asleep at Night

Do you often need to drink to fall asleep at night? If you’ve been regularly drinking in the evenings and then passing out in bed, you might find it a real struggle to actually fall asleep on nights that you don’t drink.

This can cause you to become reliant on needing a drink to fall asleep. It’s a cycle that can start to repeat itself and is something you don’t want to continue doing. The reason for this is that drinking before bed can cause you to be more dehydrated during the night, sleep poorly, and damage your body. You also may wake up with a more severe hangover while the alcohol in your system is dehydrating your body overnight.

Spending Money on Alcohol that You Don’t Have

At times, people can tend to spend money that they don’t actually have. Once payday approaches, you might be tempted to spend a little more frivolously than usual. However, there’s a difference between spending money here and there and potentially getting yourself into some serious financial trouble.

Spending money on alcohol that you don’t have can be particularly dangerous. There’s nothing worse than having an alcohol addiction and a debt that’s growing by the day because you can’t afford the price tag that comes with it.

Apathetic Budgeting When it Comes to Alcohol

Effective management of money is important, because if you already struggle with budgeting, then you could be easily swayed by spending too much on alcohol. Apathetic budgeting is something that you want to eliminate before it starts costing you a lot more than just your monthly paycheck.

If you’re finding a correlation between financial struggles and buying alcohol, then you may need to seek professional help.

Financial Literacy and Alcoholism

There are five principles to financial literacy: Earn, save and invest, protect, spend, and borrow. For anyone, it’s important to manage your finances with ease and to do all of the above. However, with an addiction to alcohol, spending and borrowing to buy booze is often prioritized.

You may end up spending a lot more than normal due to alcohol addiction. Not only that, but if you’re finding yourself borrowing money that you don’t have to buy alcohol, then that too can be a problem. Borrowing money from friends, family, work colleagues, or personal loans will all contribute to that downward spiral.

Driving Sober Sounds Like a Lot of Effort

Does driving sober feel like a lot of effort? If even the thought of driving doesn’t stop you from drinking, then you could pose a danger to those around you. While most would never dream of getting behind a wheel and driving, some people still unfortunately choose to do it. It’s critical to never drink and drive or allow alcohol to negatively influence your decision-making. There’s nothing more dangerous than driving while intoxicated, and if you’re one poor decision from doing so, then you need to get help fast.

Your Relatives and Friends Have Made Comments

Another sign that you’re dealing with alcohol addiction is when relatives and friends have already made comments. These types of comments about how much you’ve been drinking may initially be said as a joke, but then they might become more frequent. Many people prefer to enjoy a drink occasionally, and some like to drink to excess; however, when you’re drinking alcohol like it’s water, you need to seek help. Furthermore, if alcohol is impacting your relationships and others are beginning to notice, then it’s important to understand their concerns are coming from a place of care and act accordingly.

Get Professional Help With Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction and don’t know where to turn, Jackson House Recovery Centers can help. Alcohol addiction treatment is widely available, but it’s important that you find the right program for you.

Getting help now is something that you won’t regret and is a major step in the right direction. Acknowledging you have a problem is the first step and one that you need to recognize before it’s too late. Take our alcohol addiction quiz to see if it’s time for you to ask for help. You don’t have to do this alone.

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