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What Makes Jackson House Stand Apart from Other Addiction Recovery Centers?

There are many addiction recovery centers operating in the US right now, which makes choosing the right one for yourself an important decision. After all, how do you know that the center you pick will offer you the facilities and community most conducive to one of the most important journeys of your life—the journey of recovery? 

The way to know you are picking the right recovery center is to do your homework and review all the services and facilities they offer. The good news is knowing that Jackson House Addiction Recovery Centers is one of the most successful and rounded rehabilitation centers in the state of California. With patient testimonials, various success stories, and specialized treatment for wide ranges of addiction and mental health treatments, Jackson House has a proven track record of helping when it’s needed most.

Customized Treatment Plans That Meet Each Person Where They Are At

First of all, one of the positive attributes that makes Jackson House stand out among addiction recovery centers is the understanding that every individual is different. This means there is no one-size-fits-all recovery plan at Jackson House. Instead, we offer customized treatment plans that are designed to treat each person as they are right now, and provide them with the support and care they need to successfully work through their own, very personal recovery journey. 

Jackson House Is Experienced With Treating A Wide Variety Of Addiction Types

Another way in which Jackson House stands out apart from other addiction recovery centers is the ample experience with a wide range of different types of addiction. You’ll find a professional and experienced staff who understand the unique challenges of those wanting to end their addiction to drugs such as meth, fentanyl, and heroin. Jackson House also effectively supports those coming off of cocaine, opioids, and alcohol, too. 

Dual Diagnosis Cases

At a Jackson House facility, staff pride themselves on being able to effectively support patients experiencing a dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis consists of a significant issue at play in addition to the substance reliance diagnosis. This can be a physical diagnosis or a mental health one, and as those with a dual diagnosis can often experience additional challenges and complications with their treatment journey, working with a provider that is well-versed in offering this type of care can make all the difference. 

Veterans & Military Spouses

The professional, friendly, and empathetic staff at Jackson House also have a good understanding of the unique issues and challenges that those that have served in our armed forces, as well as their spouses, can go through when it comes to addiction recovery. It's this added insight that not only helps offer a more effective and tailored military treatment program, but sets them apart from other recovery centers as well. 

Trauma Treatment

It is well known that some that experience addiction issues—whether it be acute or complex—can coincide with psychological traumas. Similarly, many of those that have misused substances have found themselves in situations that trigger a trauma response, further adding to the emotional and psychological load that they have to deal with. Additionally, as the maladaptive coping mechanism that is substance abuse is removed, this trauma can resurface and make the detox process and sober living even more challenging. 

The good news is that no matter your trauma, the specifically focused trauma treatment offered at Jackson House can help.

Jackson House & West Coast Locations to Have Even More Individualized Treatment Options

Community makes us stronger, and at Jackson House Rehabilitation Centers, their partnering communities provide even more resources and ranging support treatment from Jackson House and West Coast Recovery Centers. What this means is that even more treatments are offered to more patients in terms of facilities and services, and further individualize their treatment journey to best tailor to their comfort and ultimate success. 

Multiple Therapy Options 

Unlike other recovery centers, you won’t just find high-quality individual therapy, but in-depth one-to-one sessions as discussed below.

Daily Group Therapy

There is nothing like connecting with another individual that is going through the same thing to help you through a rough recovery day. That is why the Jackson House team is proud to offer not weekly, but daily group therapy sessions for all patients.  

Family Therapy

The additional benefit that sets Jackson House apart is the specialization of family therapy. This can be very helpful for those on their recovery journey because addictions can often develop as a way of coping with dysfunctional family practices. Therefore, by addressing these and the inter-familial relationships in family therapy, Jackson House can help remove the roadblocks to recovery. 

Addiction Psychiatry 

At Jackson House, they also provide you with addiction psychiatry. This means you may be able to access meditations to make your withdrawal process easier to manage.

Residential Therapy To Help You Practice Recovery in A Home-Like Setting

One of the most significant factors that makes Jackson House stand out is residential therapy. That means you get to come to our comfortable, friendly facility that is set up to be just like a home away from home. The benefits of this are many, and include detox in comfort. You’ll also have access to all high-quality facilities and services including individual therapy, family therapy, and daily group therapy. 

Alumni Support After the Program

Last of all, Jackson House is different because unlike other treatment facilities, they offer plenty of support and help even after you have finished the program. This is because they understand that navigating a sober life can continue to be challenging, even when you have a successful program. The good news is that with the continued support from alumni, staying free of your addiction becomes much more likely. 

To experience the inclusive and successful community of a Jackson House Rehabilitation Center, contact us today to begin your journey toward wellness.

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