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Common Reasons People Avoid Addiction Treatment

When someone deals with addiction to a substance—drugs, alcohol, and/or medical prescriptions—it can be tough to come to terms with it, let alone ask for help. It is common for people to turn away from help and continue their addiction due to insecurities or not knowing who to turn to. 

This guide will share all there is to know about addiction, why people avoid treatment, and how to find help.

Common Reasons People Avoid Addiction Treatment

Feeling embarrassed or not knowing who to turn to are the most obvious reasons that people avoid addiction treatment. However, you should not feel ashamed, nor should you be at a loss for resources.

There are numerous resources available for those battling addiction. Various methods have been tried, tested, and proven to work for recovery. There are many people who will be happy to help. That said, do not hesitate to seek support when dealing with addiction. 

To better understand why people avoid addiction treatment, read on. 

Disbelief that they need it

Many individuals who abuse substances do not feel or believe that they need treatment. It is common for people to be stubborn and think that abusing substances is normal. However, they will understand how bad substance abuse is when they admit themselves for treatment and gain better health.


Being in denial is yet another reason people avoid seeking help. People will hide the substance abuse because they do not want to admit that there may be a problem.


Embarrassment is another feeling that substance abusers get when they use it. They will feel ashamed to talk to someone or ask for help. However, this should not be an issue. Instead, use your emotions to seek comfort and support.

A lack of support

If the person addicted lacks support, they might not have anyone to turn to who can refer them for treatment. Not having someone you trust can make it difficult to seek addiction treatment.

Bad influences

Being surrounded by the wrong people that encourage you to use substances classifies as bad influences. These can be another reason you are avoiding treatment. It is important to remove yourself from toxic relationships and seek help.

Not ready to stop substance abuse

Some people simply are not ready to stop abusing substances. However, not being ready now can mean they might not be ready for years. 

The best thing to do is stop and seek help now. 

A lack of funds to cover the expert treatment

Seeking treatment can be expensive anywhere. This is especially true if you go to the wrong place. If you seek the right support, finances will not be prohibitive. You will be able to attain support and get treatment. 

Do not let a lack of funds to cover the treatment prevent you from seeking the help you need. 

Fear of relapsing

Users might have tried addiction treatment before and experienced a relapse. Or, they might have heard about relapsing. Either way, users might be scared of relapsing. They may be worried that they will not be strong enough to stop using substances for good. Hence, they avoid seeking treatment. 

Ways To Overcome Addiction

Addiction does not need to last forever. There are many ways to overcome it. Here are some basic ways to overcome your addiction: 

  • Self-motivation. Having some motivation will help you to push through treatment and out to recovery, which will help you give up substance use for good. 
  • Expert treatment. Seeking expert treatment for addiction can ensure you seek the best measures to help you stop using, avoid relapse, and maintain good health for your future. 
  • Therapy. Speaking about your addiction is a good way to come to terms with it. Therapy might be the step you take before getting treatment so you can be in a better place mentally. It can also be beneficial to use therapy once your treatment is finished to avoid relapse and stay on a good path. 
  • Support groups. Having the right support and attending support groups will ensure that you feel relaxed and calm about stopping substance use. You can attain motivation and stay on track to stay healthy. 
  • Meditation. Practicing meditation is a useful tool to help improve your mental health, which can coincide with substance use. If you experience addiction and want to use mindfulness to feel more focused on recovery, meditation is a great tool to use. 
  • Distractions. Being distracted is a useful way to overcome addiction. There is no use going back to life after recovery and having nothing to do. Whether you work, socialize, or pursue hobbies, it is good to keep your mind busy. Make sure to remain busy until you are confident that you will not relapse.

Where To Find Help

The first thing you need to do is understand you have a problem and seek help. It can be tough to accept the fact that you need help to stop using a substance and gain better health. However, it is necessary if you want to get your old life back, gain better health, and avoid relapsing. 

It can be comforting to talk to friends and family. They might be able to comfort you, but they may not help you recover. You or someone else needs to refer you to a treatment center where you can receive professional help.

A place like the Jackson House Recovery Center is the best place for anyone dealing with addiction. There, patients receive around-the-clock care and assistance to guide them on the road to recovery and health. 

Whether you are using alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth, opioids, or other substances, the team at Jackson House Addiction & Recovery Centers will provide you with endless help. They are there for you during recovery and when you go home.

Instead of being given a prescription or tips for dealing with it alone, our team is here to help anyone get through their addiction and come out better on the other side. 

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