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How Does Substance Abuse Affect Your Relationships?

It’s never easy to see someone you love go through something traumatic. When you’re caught in the grip of addiction, it may seem to you like a problem only impacting your own health and well-being. However, that’s not the case. In fact, the damage that substance abuse does goes beyond just the individual themselves. In some cases, it can destroy relationships. 

While it’s hard to beat a substance addiction, it is possible. Hopefully, by knowing what damage it can do to your loved ones, you’ll be more inclined to get help and prevent its turmoil from affecting your family and friend relationships.

What is substance abuse?

Substance abuse refers to the hazardous or harmful use of a substance that has psychoactive effects.

This type of abuse can include alcohol or illicit drugs. It may also include improperly using everyday household chemicals or other products to the extent that they become dangerous to the individual’s health. There are a variety of negative health consequences that come from taking these substances.

How Does Substance Abuse Impact Relationships?

So how does substance abuse impact relationships? There are many ways in which substance abuse can affect those around you. Some levels of substance abuse can be more damaging than others, but nonetheless, substance addictions can still cause a lot of heartache and pain for your family and friends.

It estranges your loved ones

Substance abuse is like a lot of addictions in that it takes away the person that loved ones once knew. What’s left is often someone they don’t recognize. When it comes to taking substances, you might find yourself occupied for long periods of time and as a result, you might not see your loved ones as much.

Despite them wanting to see you, you might become estranged from your loved ones or make excuses to not see them due to spending all or most of your time taking these substances.

When it comes to substance abuse, it wants to be your only friend and confidant. Therefore, you’re likely finding yourself pushing away friends and family, despite their concerns. 

It’s hard to see someone you love struggle with something so chemical

Abusing anything (whether that be alcohol or illicit drugs) can be difficult for your family and friends to witness. It can be challenging for them to see their loved one struggle with the dangers of a powerful addiction.

It’s therefore important to consider what your loved one or loved ones might be going through as they experience your substance abuse. It’s not something that they might be used to, and once it takes hold, it can make it harder for them to help you.

Substance abuse doesn’t just affect your mental state of mind, but it can also do a lot of damage to your physical health. That means your physical appearance may change too. In just a few months, your loved ones may hardly recognize you.

Chemical abuse can be one of the most harmful detriments to the human body. It’s a situation that no one likes or wants to see their loved one go through.

Family members might not want to be around you

Substance abuse isn’t necessarily something that your family and friends might want to be around. For any family members with young children, having you in their presence might be something that concerns them.

As a result, you might find that you need to do little to push them away, and in fact, some of your loved ones may choose to distance themselves from you.

Any form of substance abuse can leave you in a state of mind that makes you unpredictable. It can also have negative influences on those who are younger and don’t quite understand why you’re behaving the way you are, as opposed to your normal demeanor. 

Substance abuse takes away family members and friends that you love when they don’t want to be around you if you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

It’s hard to be around someone who uses substances to get high

When it comes to substance abuse, you might be tough to handle in both public and private spaces.

From family dinners to a night out with friends, when you’re abusing substances, it quickly becomes apparent you’re doing so. For some of your relationships, individuals may not want to experience your behavior any longer.

It can alter your behaviors, which may become aggressive, or in other cases, put you in situations where you’re becoming a hassle for others to deal with. As a result, both family and friends may stop inviting you out or letting you know when something is being organized.

Seek Help for Your Substance Abuse to Save Your Relationships

In order to stop substance abuse from affecting your relationships, it’s important to seek help immediately. However, not everyone does it as quickly as it should be done. Instead, they often find themselves needing to admit a problem to themselves first before admitting it to others.

Speak to someone you trust

After you’ve acknowledged that you need help, it’s important to speak to someone you trust. With any type of abuse or addiction, you’re going to need a network of support around you to get the help you need.

Whether it’s a parent, sibling, other family member, or friend, speak to someone first about what you should do. They’ll hopefully be willing to stand by you as you navigate this path.

Stick to your goals and remember you’re in control

Be sure to stick to your goals and remember that you’re the one who is in control. Don’t let the substance or substances control your life any longer than they may already have.

Approach a rehab facility

A rehab facility is something that can be extremely helpful for dealing with substance abuse. Professional help and guidance are what’s needed to help overcome the addiction so that you can return to your life without relying on substances any longer. At Jackson House Recovery Centers, we want to help you get your life back. Once you begin treatment with us, you are part of our community. Reach out today and get your relationships back.

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