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4 Sobriety Social Media Influencers to Follow

Choosing sobriety can be an entire lifestyle shift. To give yourself the best possible chance at achieving your goals and beating addiction it can really help to surround yourself with positive influences. These can be found in friends and family, but you can also fill your social media news feed with helpful media influencers that want to see you succeed. Here are a few suggestions to get you looking in the right place.

1. @yoursoberpal

@yoursoberpal has an Instagram and TikTok presence. If you’re looking for some laughs with a lovely and supportive woman then @yoursoberpal is your gal. She brings her followers along with her on her journey for sobriety. She also hosts virtual meet-ups to help her followers provide and receive peer support on a regular basis.

2. @teedoodler

@teedoodler is an Instagram influencer who uses the power of their doodling to help shine some light on the struggles of alcoholism and the joys of sobriety. They draw to offer supportive messages for their followers. @teedoodler also hosts virtual meet-ups every now and then to encourage peer support and inspirational gatherings.

3. @krissyclimbs

@krissyclimbs is on Instagram and Twitter. Krissy is a fun sports enthusiast who focuses on the importance of outdoor and physical activities. She shares about her journey to stay mentally healthy through her activities and nutritional endeavors, which is so important during your journey to sobriety.

4. @sobergirlsociety

SOBER GIRL SOCIETY™ is on Instagram and Facebook. This group has created a community for sober and sober curious women. They post positive messages and stories to help women who are fighting to change their way of life. Their Facebook page describes them as, “A sober and sober curious space for women who are changing their relationship with alcohol.”

Give these influencers a follow and see how their positive approach to sobriety can help you in your life.

Bonus tip: As you continue to scroll through your social accounts, you might find that you see a lot of ads or accounts that promote drinking and substance use. To create a more supportive environment on social media during your journey to sobriety, you might consider blocking accounts that trigger cravings or that take away from your overall progress. For more information on getting those ads blocked from your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter check out this helpful article.

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