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For Immediate Release
November 2, 2020

Contact: Natalie Podgorski

As Overdoses Spike, New Addiction Treatment Center Opens in San Diego
Jackson House Addiction Treatment & Recovery Centers Teaches People to Live without Drugs or Alcohol

SAN DIEGO, CA – According to new national data, drug overdoses during the coronavirus pandemic have risen by roughly 18 percent. The data collected by the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program suggests, now more than ever, people struggling with addiction need help. Jackson House Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers recently opened its doors in San Diego to help individuals struggling with substance abuse issues.

“Addiction is a true illness,” said Dr. Bruce Figuered, President of Jackson House. “It does not go away on its own. It takes treatment, commitment and a strong support system. Unfortunately, the stress and social isolation brought on by the pandemic has made substance abuse issues more acute for many people across the country. Our team is ready to support individuals who are ready to make a change on their road to recovery.”

Jackson House Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers is located in the Golden Hills neighborhood in San Diego. The founders of the 32-bed treatment center felt it was important to be located in a thriving, diverse community.

“We believe community is at the center of recovery,” said Dr. Figuered. “Our program is designed to help our clients build strong support systems that will enhance their sobriety. Clients work together on group activities, prepare fresh meals together each day and in the process break down old barriers and learn new ways to address their needs.”

Jackson House Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers started seeing clients in September. The program is customized to fit each individual’s needs but typically includes detoxification, group therapy, individual and family counseling and replenishing key nutrients through cooking fresh, whole foods.

The treatment center is working to make high-quality treatment more accessible. Jackson House Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers is currently in-network with Cigna, Tricare and MHN/Healthnet and working with other California health insurance companies to remove financial barriers that can keep some people from seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

According to the U.S. Surgeon General, one in seven Americans will struggle with a substance use disorder at some point in their lives. Sadly, only 10 percent of those individuals will seek treatment.

“We understand the pandemic has interrupted normal routines and made it harder for people to seek out the support they need. But it is important our community knows help is available and change is possible,” said Dr. Figuered.

Individuals interested in seeking addiction treatment can call their health insurance company directly to ask about in-network options and understand the cost of care. Californians can also call Jackson House Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers directly if they are interested in residential drug and alcohol treatment.


Jackson House Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers believes community is at the center of recovery. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program was created to help individuals break down negative thought patterns, learn new skills to live a life free of substance abuse and build a strong community to enhance sobriety. Treatment is built around evidenced-based practices and customized to meet each client’s unique needs. Learn more by visiting

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